WHAT IF I FLY® (Porcelain Stories) is a studio that creates porcelain jewelry and porcelain artworks.

Founded in Bucharest in 2016 by curator Anca Negescu and contemporary artist Anca Popescu, What If I Fly combines art and design, promoting the concept of art jewelry. Each object is unique, hand-crafted from porcelain and hand-painted with gold, platinum and porcelain colors. Some pieces are mounted in silver, others have silver or gold fixtures.

The studio’s signature objects are the porcelain doll pendants, 4, to 10cm tall, with movable arms and legs.

Glimpse into our Mission Statement:

“What If I Fly is a maker of art jewelry and art works, born primarily out of our love for porcelain. Our creations are almost exclusively hand-crafted porcelain pieces of jewelry or objects. Whether it is a necklace, a ring or a sculpture, all that we make is art. Though we have a passion for making things with our hands and that shall forever be our main focus, we are also passionate about technology and we occasionally like to incorporate some of its fantastic benefits in our work. We believe that all art objects carry a part of their maker’s soul within, a true story. Therefore, we are devoted to only creating from our heart’s truth.”




Anca Popescu was born in 1983 in Bucharest, Romania, where she currently lives and works. In 2010 she specialized in porcelain art, graduating from Professor Danail Nikolsen’s class (Bulgaria). She got her BA in art in 2006 and her Master’s Degree in 2008 at the University of Arts in Bucharest. Anca Popescu creates works of art and designs porcelain jewels, each of them being a miniature work of art in itself.

Anca Negescu was born in 1978 in Bucharest, Romania, where she currently lives and works. She is a contemporary art curator and a cultural manager, having studied art management at Sotheby’s Institute of Art, London.