The premise for the collection are the new technological advancements of the 21st century and the new digital era we live in. The lines between real and virtual have never been more blurred, the internet playing an important role in this. Such as, we face new moral questions and dilemmas in every part of our lives, including fashion. Using inspiration from the new art mediums, such as glitch art or internet art, the collection embodies the modern human condition, trapped between reality and virtual. Overall, the collection is full of digital prints, combined with elements of color-blocking and fabrics such as latex and neoprene.

Photo Credits

Photographer: Emil Costruț
Styling coordinator: Diana Flore
Make-up: MAC Cosmetics Romania

Collection Credits

MA Coordinators:

Prof. Univ. Dr. Elena Basso Stănescu
Conf. Univ. Dr. Lucian Broscățean
Collection made with the support of CHIC UTILITY tailors

Art & Design University of Cluj-Napoca
Faculty of Decorative Arts and Design — Fashion Department

The University of Art and Design in Cluj is one of the most important educational institutions in visual arts from S-E of Europe. The progress of this institution is due to the international exchange of knowledge, a professional teaching staff and the support for the artistic community.

The mission of Fashion Design department is to form specialists in the creative field of fashion. The environment here is opened to the most actual developments in this field. Also, it has the multiple partnerships with the professional sector and the chances of getting a place in the market are high.