Tara Lalic is the V FOR VINTAGE & Design FEED winner in the Feeric33 2018 competition.


My main inspiration was two books “Brave New World“ and “1984“ from Aldous Huxley and George Orwell.
The books are well known by their vision of the future, and my collection is my vision of the future. In my collection I have 3d printed faces, baby`s face, adult androgenic face and face of an old man. Also I 3d printed hands to look like holding clothes and one hand holding for the neck.
I used laser cutting for eco leather and cotton and pattern is my kind of messy sketch. For the print on fabric I chose bright colors that are known in psychology as the ones that cause a strong reaction and it based on the story from the Brave New World where leaders constantly causing people`s reaction and in that way they could control them.
I focused on future technologies. A whole collection is eco friendly. Filament I used for 3d printing is PLA 1.75 which is also recycable and biodegradable. I also made shoes with 3d printer.