Selected @ Feeric Fashion Week

Finding of my self(s)

Each of us is lost at the moment given itself. And then, the traits of our ephemeral personality will attack us from all sides, wishing to war, with soul. Well, then again, it happens to feel suddenly, naked and alone, maybe too mature and pragmatic, gotten too out of a date.. You can feel like you’re out of membership. It happens to feel hollow inside, to perceive yourself and a little bit of fear, yes.. Yes, the foreign fear you feel, your self-fear, instead of your love of self, your usual. . You’re lonely in you. What happens when we evolve at this point? Yes, you heard right, is a development natural all this happening with us at some point. You know, right? But what do we do at this point? Wander or do we find each other?

Ego. Vanity. Vanity. Not love.  Fight. Carelessness. Sadness. Feud.
Bolero. Happiness. Life. Unafraid. Honesty and authenticity. Love people.

Let me make you a tango! What do you Say? Let’s dance the Bolero over and over again! Because of…nothing, daing. Just because we are!