The collection “Culture Fetishism” consists in a transposition of an attire of multicultural inspiration. This type of fashion highlights the fascination for other cultures and the desire to embrace the styles of other cultures. The inspiration for this project starts from an imaginative exercise such as the return in time to the early twentieth century to meet Albert Khan (a photographer who traveled through the world, taking photos of different ethnic groups) alongside who I start a journey around the world, where I can disguise myself in characters from each culture I visit.

Basically, I will create a “travel journal” having luggages with me in the time. Concerning the luggage, color and volume of the collection, I was inspired by the aesthetics and art of Christo Vladimirov Javacheff and Jeanne-Claude.

Photo Credits

Sponsored by: Q Smile by Claudia Corega
Photographer: COSTRUT
Stylist: Diana Flore
Make-up: MAC Cosmetics Romania

Collection Credits

BA Coordinators: Prof. Univ. Dr. Elena Basso Stănescu / Conf. Univ. Dr. Lucian Broscățean
MA Coordinators: Prof. Univ. Dr. Elena Basso Stănescu / Conf. Univ. Dr. Lucian Broscățean
MA Scientific Coordinator: Prof. Univ. Dr. Anca Pia Rusan

Art & Design University of Cluj-Napoca
Faculty of Decorative Arts and Design — Fashion Department

The University of Art and Design in Cluj is one of the most important educational institutions in visual arts from S-E of Europe. The progress of this institution is due to the international exchange of knowledge, a professional teaching staff and the support for the artistic community.

The mission of Fashion Design department is to form specialists in the creative field of fashion. The environment here is opened to the most actual developments in this field. Also, it has the multiple partnerships with the professional sector and the chances of getting a place in the market are high.