Behind the minimalist jewelry brand is Georgiana Ciceo — architect, member of the ZAIN – Design Expressions team and starting 2016, monom.

Monom is a brand that manages to assert its strength with well-thought-out elegance and subtle refinement. It bears the mark of architecture and geometry, being created in a calculated way, with a special dedication for each piece, always holding within a story and a purpose.

Monom creates architectures that, once dressed, potentate both geometry and organic by contrast. Moreover, and nonetheless, monom potentates the expression of the self.

Monom brings you architectures to enhance the body, geometries to be enhanced by the mind. Minimal jewellery design. Individually handcrafted in Transylvania.


Făgărașului 7, Târgu Mureș, Romania
+40 742 960 943

PLATITUDE Collection

Basic shapes with attitude | outline.

109 Euro
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PLATTITUDE ring square
54 Euro
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triPLATTITUDE earrings
130 Euro
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26 Euro
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FRAGILE Collection

Fragility is what makes us human. wear it with pride.

F R A G I L E earrings
65 Euro
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F R A G I L E ring
98 Euro
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F R A G I L E necklace
87 Euro
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F R A G I L E rectangle earrings
43 Euro
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F R A G I L E rectangle necklace
87 Euro
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F R A G I L E brooch
87 Euro
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