Selected @ Feeric Fashion Week


Nigredo is Italo Marseglia’s new collection. Nigredo, by the latin blackness, in the alchemical sense means decomposition. As a first step in the pathway to the philosopher’s stone, all alchemical ingredients had to be cooked extensively to a uniform black matter. Italo pretends to reduce all of his inspirations into a uniform black matter. So this collection is a journey through space and time from damned french poetries to the Italian great ateliers. Marseglia tells story of strong and independent women who claim their femininity just whispering it. He snuggles their bodies into fine drapes, playing with just one colour – black – and textures that enrich the ensemble creating balance between fullness and emptiness. Personally conceiving the lines and the shapes of his creations, Italo deals with an innovative method that is based on mathematical concepts applied to the structure of the garments: their silhouettes magically lay down on body curves creating movements for a perfect wearability with no size required.