Winner in the fashionFANatic competition 2018

The Label. XX(X)Ist Century. Memories from the future

The concept of The Label. XX(X)Ist Century. Memories from the future collection represents my own artistic vision related to the tendecy of the consuming society of our times, of accentuated consumerism, the moment in wich we live to consume, we don’t consume to live.

The artistic vision regarding this concept is formed around the idea of the label as a symbol, speculating the future with the help of the present.  And so, the image of the consuming  indvidual who is agressively subjected to the general tendency of social consumerism.

The aesthetic and the creative aproach creates a complex and existing image, a permanent influence of the present in relation with the individual and the clothing. The project is creating the asthetic of a consuming character, visionary and vanguardist, unisex but evolved from a feminine aesthetic, under the influnce of the consuming phenomenon wich is at the peek of a religious ideology, wich controlles the millenial routine of the individual.


UVT Arte
Universitatea de Vest din TimișoaraFacultatea de Arte și Design

The Faculty of Arts and Design in Timisoara has 2 departments. The Visual Arts department includes fields like: Painting, Graphics, Sculpture, Photography – computerized processing of image, Conservaiton – Restauration, Art Pedagogy and the earliest specialization History and Theory of Art. The specializations in the second department – The department of Design and Applied Arts are: Design – with three study directions: Product Design, Interior Design and Graphic Design, Textile Design, Fashion and Decorative Arts-Ceramics.

The mission of Faculty of Arts and Design in U.V.T. is to guarantee and develop the best resources and instruments for a good teaching process, specific to education, research and artistic creation at high standards. It is also necessary to assure the national competitiveness and also the one in the European Area of the Superior education and research.

The Bachelor’s Degree helps the students by guiding them to possible carrers and fundamental research in the visual art fields and history of art. The next study level, the Master’s Degree, gives students the opportunity to develop and reevaluate the theories and forms of artistic manifestations in the actual context.