A little family business that started with Luciana, Ioana and Adriana Popa, became a brand worth following. They loved fashion, trends and elegant materials and this is the way CLOCHE was born: from love and passion for the art of design.

CLOCHE opened his doors in 2010 and it remained focused on custom-made dresses, but also on accessible and ready-to-wear collections. CLOCHE is the designer of wishes, the place where imagination, colors and materials give life and beauty to an outfit.

Custom-made and ready-to-wear collections. Specific, sophisticated and unique.


Costache Negri 28, București
0757100557 / 0746222313

One Shoulder Blouse

One shoulder blouse, with large sleeve

161 lei
Embroidery Shirt

Embroidery veil shirt, V neck, voluminous sleeve with wristbands that can be closed with buttons

248 lei
Wool Cardigan

Wool maxi cardigan, with cord and pockets, asymmetric collar

372 lei
Asymmetric Midi Cardigan

Asymmetric midi cardigan, made of wool

371 lei
Maxi Taffeta Skirt

Ample maxi skirt with a cord that underlines the waist, closing system: metallic zipper

645 lei
Mini Jacquard Skirt

Mini skirt, A type, animal print

250 lei
Pleated lame midi skirt

Pleated lame midi skirt, cord on the waist, closing system: hidden zipper

345 lei
Mini ecologic leather skirt

Mini ecologic leather skirt with metallic zipper on the back, A type

250 lei
Pleated midi skirt

Pleated veil skirt, cord on the waist, closing system: hidden zipper, doubled lining

679 lei
Brocade Kimono Dress

Brocade Kimono dress, large sleeve, overlaid, it can be tied with a cord

321 lei
Brocade Kimono Jacket

Brocade kimono jacket, large sleeve, cord on the waist

291 lei
Velvet Jumpsuit with open back

Velvet Jumpsuit with thin straps, open V back, a belt that underlines the waist, maxi pants with hidden zipper

356 lei
Transparent top

Elastic tulle top, neck base, with long sleeve, transparent

130 lei
Black Velvet Silk Mini Kimono

Mini Kimono dress, overlaid, cord on the waist, bell sleeve

500 lei
Turtleneck blouse

Long neck knitwear turtleneck

140 lei
Wool blend maxi pants

Maxi pants with pockets and pleats on the front, closing system: hidden zipper/metallic zipper

340 lei
Open back velvet siren dress

Velvet siren dress / Open back, long sleeve, boat neck

387 lei
Metallic Crush Dress

Maxi dress made of metallic veil, long sleeve, metallic zipper on the back, doubled top, single layered veil skirt

633 lei
Silk Cami

Cami with thin straps, V neck on back and front, doubled

290 lei
Velvet maxi pants

Velvet maxi pants, cord on the waist, closing system – hidden zipper

294 lei
The red jacquard dress

Midi dress with V neck and oversized shoulders, with attachable cord on the waist, long sleeve, closing system: hidden zipper

390 lei
Open back velvet body

Open back, long sleeve, closing system: staples

160 lei
Lame mini metallic dress

Mini lame dress with open back, a band that underlines the waist. Tied with a cord on the back of the neck and the skirt has a zipper

390 lei
Silk shirt

Silk shirt with buttons on the back and incorporated scarf that can be let loose or tied in a bow

312 lei