A collective enterprise of creative and craftsmen from different areas, having the same philosophy transposed into any object created by them and intended for sale: the sine qua non combination between idea, shape, functionality and quality.

As a designer, it is quite difficult to be absolutely brilliant twice a year. With the fast fashion industry & consumer spirit in power, we are now being asked to be brilliant more than 15 times a year. But superficiality and speed not only affect the fashion industry, but all the creative industries.


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The DIGITAL INSTIGATOR collection pays a tribute to the women who can change the rules of the games, the women who not only wear some clothes, but who can bring them to life. The digital & social media era have created a new way of communication, a way that DIGITAL INSTIGATOR women use to change the status quo.

The collection has 3 segments made to satisfy the women’s desire to look chic without sacrificing the freedom of movement and comfort. The first segment, inspired by Studio 54 era, includes clothes that suits every evening outfit.

The second segment is dedicated to the active life and it contains outwear pieces, but without losing their chic look.

The last segment is a mouth of fresh air for all the women that are over with ski suits. The quirky mix between synthetic silk, silk and pearls creates the perfect outfits for après-ski parties.