ATU Body Couture is a Romanian fashion brand launched by Lacramioara Ilie (Founder) and Emilian Ciobanu (Stylist) on June 2011.

ATU Body Couture explores women’s world with its aesthetic manifestations reflected in two seasonal collections Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter. Until Fall Winter 2016 all collections were created by Emilian Ciobanu and starting with Spring Summer 2016 the brand has a Creative Director: Catalin Valean.

Manufacture is the main part of the creative process along with continuous searches for specific textures and the obsession for femininity celebrated by comfort and style.

The brand promotes simple and useful design, combined with special fabrics and accessories, unique yet functional; discrete details, manufacturing elements, powder shades and white, but also the colors of the present. It is a privilege to have a personal ATU (asset) because clothes represents an universe.

When you wear them, you wear an option, an assumed concept. The advantage of having your own universe, completed by femininity and exuberance is the most important argument for happiness. ATU – An element which in some circumstances provides someone an advantage or an extra chance. – From fr. ATOUT


Aviatorilor 39, Sector 1
+40 723 520 260

Spring/Summer 2017 Collection

The collection ATU Body Couture Spring/Summer 2017 has a marine theme that continues with a feminine approach. This time it’s in the form of a love story named The Sea and Her Lover. The mix of different nautical motifs with mythological elements shapes the profile of a strong character that gives magic, installing the seduction of a distant world. The character wears inside of himself the irresistible force of mermaids – symbol of primordial power that the woman has on a man.

Blue Lagoon dress

Blue Lagoon dress is a relaxed dress tailored from soft blue shinny denim perfect for your holiday.
Details: symmetrical belt, front pockets with shell buttons, side concealed pockets, side concealed closure, relaxed fit.
Composition: 95% cotton, 5% lurex

169 Euro
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Admiral Pearl trench coat

Admiral Pearl trench coat is a pleated coat made of grey fabric with pearlescent velvet details.
Details: 3/4 sleeves with wide pleated front side, wrap closure with detachable belt, side pockets, natural shell buttons .
Composition: 70% viscose, 30% nylon

311 Euro
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Velvet Mermaid dress

Velvet mermaid dress is a fitted off-the-shoulder dress made of pearl velvet and grey pleated fabric.
Details: pleated long sleeves, bra stripes, velvet cuffs.
Composition: 70% viscose, 30% nylon

204 Euro
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Scuba top and skirt

Scuba top and skirt is a electric blue set tailored from faux patent – leather.
Details: mini skirt A shape, front pockets with pearls details, metalic zip fastening, fully lined with cotton.
Composition: 100% faux patent – leather

182 Euro
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Red Coral dress

Red Coral dress is a relaxed fit midi dress that sits low on waist. Suitable for any occassion.
Details: round neck collar, back fastening with natural pearl, front opening trimmed with mesh, round dramatic margins.
Composition: 80% viscose, 20% polyester

218 Euro
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Captain Coral blazer

Captain Coral blazer is a relaxed fit jacket with assymetrical ruffles.
Details: short sleeves, front fastening, epaulettes, pleated ruffles.
Composition: 80% viscose, 20% polyester

170 Euro
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Captain Coral trousers

Captain Coral trousers are pencil pants tailored from red viscose fabric. Suitable for smart look or to dress up for events.
Details: sits high on waist, side concealed fastening, pleated asymmetrical ruffle from waist, pencil shape.
Composition: 80% viscose, 20% polyester

110 Euro
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Pearl Hunter trousers

Pearl Hunter trousers are wide leg pants tailored from lustrous red crepe and trimmed with mesh and cinced with a tonal belt.
Details: relaxed fit, they sit high on waist, natural pearls buttons.
Composition: 70% viscose, 30% nylon

109 Euro
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Pearl Shell top

Pearl Shell top is a fitted off-the-shoulder blouse with pleated long sleeve. Ware yours our red pants or with pencil skirt for an elegant look.
Details: two asimetrical pleated flounces, concealed zip fastening, natural shell button.
Composition: 70% viscose, 30% nylon

116 Euro
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Gold clam shell earrings

Gold clam shell earings are the best choice for this summer. Gold pleated and made of soft metal this pair of earings are a must this summer.

31 Euro
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Clam Shell medal

Clam Shell medal is a brooch made of soft metal with white fabric. Hand made.

49 Euro
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Clam shell earrings

Clam shell earrings are red clam shell metalic earings. Statement pieces for this season.
Ware yours with red outft for a powerfull look.

40 Euro
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Golden Aquarius skirt

Golden Aquarius skirt is a pencil skirt with pleated asymmetrical ruffles.
Details: sits high on waist, pencil shape, concealed fastening, pleated ruffles on left side.
Composition: 65% viscose, 15% cotton; 20% polyester

150 Euro
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Fisherman's shirt

Fisherman’s shirt is a long sleeve shirt, doubled with red mesh.
Details: tunic collar, wide mesh sleeves, red trimmings, concealed fastening with red buttons.
Composition: 80% viscose, 20% polyester

124 Euro
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Red Pisces skirt

Red Pisces skirt is a midi dress with pleated asymetrical ruffles. Ware it day and night.
Details: sits high on waist, back concealed fastening, red trimmings.
Composition: 80% viscose, 20% polyester

107 Euro
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Sand Dune jumpsuit

Sand Dune Jumpsuit is a sleeveless jumpsuit tailored from the finest golden linen, detailed with natural pearls. Has a structured bodice and wide, flared leg through the leg. It is a cool alternative to dress for special events.
Details: zip fastening along back, red dramatic stripes, detailed with natural pearls.
Composition: 65% viscose, 15% cotton, 20% polyester

182 Euro
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Clam Shell needle brooch

Clam Shell needle is a decorative needle made from soft golden metal with pearl.

44 Euro
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Sailor Stripe parka jacket

Sailor Stripe parka jacket is an oversized parka jacket with 3/4 sleeves. Tailored from the finnest linenn this parka is the best choice for holiday or summer days. This parka has a ruffle applied on the back with white sequin clam shell inside.
Details: tunic collar, relaxed fit, side pockets, front pockets, 3/4 sleeves with shell buttons, long belt at waist.
Composition: 100% cotton

131 Euro
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Sailor Stripe blazer

Sailor Stripe blazer is a relaxed fit blazer tailored from the finnest linen.
Details: faux patent – leather collar, relaxed fit, front pockets, long sleeves, cuffs with shell buttons.
Composition: 100% cotton

151 Euro
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Sailor Stripe troursers

Sailor Stripe troursers are fitted flare leg pants tailored from the finnest linen.
Details: sits high on waist, side pockets, concealed side closure.
Composition: 100% cotton

87 Euro
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Clam Shell earing

Pearl in shell uni earring is an oversized golden clam shell earing with pearl detail.
Gold pleated and made of soft metal this earing could be the twist element for your outfit. Hand made.

49 Euro
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