Andreea Micle is a womenswear/menswear label highlighted by versatility, a brand that is experimenting with inspiration sources and vestiary styles from pure Romanian ethnical influences or pop stage glamour to baring the sensibility and elegance of lingerie.
The educational background that has helped shape the eponymous designer includes a summer course at Milan Fashion Campus that has defined fashion illustration knowledge and collection design, BA and MA studies in Fashion Design at the Faculty of Arts and Design Timisoara, and a one semester student exchange MA program in Shanghai, China that has enhanced draping techniques with emphasis on vintage Balenciaga, has shaped fashion history with highlights on Paul Poiret, has defined the production management process and necessary paperwork and nevertheless has widened the creative horizons when it comes to the development of a sketchbook. The internship that resulted in a subsequent job for the Italian lingerie brand Dittamo has also contributed to the Andreea Micle ensemble by providing an insight into understanding the anatomy and comfort necessities of the female body altogether with its archetypal sensuality.
The Andreea Micle products are suitable for individuals aware of their own paramount uniqueness and who are eager to break the barriers of society’s sartorial standards.


Human, interrupted

“Human, interrupted” represents the conflict of having to choose between the procrastinating nature of the human spirit and the necessity of having to go to work every day in order to be able to sustain one’s self financially.
The collection illustrates the bridge found in between two contrasting sartorial options, one being the leisure of having the fabric surrounding the body effortlessly and carelessly creating freedom of movement and the other being the business attire meant to imprison the body in the standards of work appropriate visual esthetics.
The fabrics chosen for this collection are rough, restraining the body’s freedom even if they create the appearance of a free-flowing fabric through drapings and digital prints. The visible stitching (usually found on garments that are work in process) that outlines the details of the clothing enhances the idea of an unfulfilled state of mind, an unfinished Sunday reverie rudely interrupted by the return of Monday. Chromatically, the “Human, interrupted” collection is all white as white represents mental clarity, innocence and nevertheless safety.
All combined into one, it results into the illusion of comfort and the reminiscence of a day spent in the privacy of one’s bedroom wrapped in bed sheets and disclosing one’s true identity thus creating an exaggeration of the transition from a safe personal space to a public one that implies conformation to certain standards.