Best Young Designer prize offered by V for VINTAGE  & Design FEED @ Gala Absolvenților UNArte Modă 2018


The Plastification collection shows that we are witnessing a phenomenon that manifests itself with an increasing, paradoxical intensity, along with the apparent progress of human society. It is a process of loss or separation of control over some material and social aspects of one’s own life. The general problem faced by this phenomenon is that alienation is a psychological state of the person. In the modern world, nature is kept away, separate from us; people feel increasingly vacuum inside the easily accessible plastic and met everywhere, becoming a symbol of the consumerist society. We are at the beginning in the natural world, but rather consider nature as something to be used to achieve human domination goals, rather than something that we form an integral part of.

Collection credits

BA Coordinator: asist. univ. dr. Răzvan VASILESCU


UNArte Bucharest
Faculty of Decorative Arts and Design — Fashion Department

As a unique higher education establishment in the field of visual arts in Bucharest, with a good national reputation, the University ensures the appropriate training for future practitioners and theoreticians. The essential premise of the education provided is its responsiveness to the demands of contemporary Romanian society, as well as the synchronicity with the significant artistic trends and tendencies in contemporary universal art.

This receptivity to continuous renewal takes into account the tradition of the local artistic education characterized from the beginning by an openness to European values. In order to attain these goals, the University has an elite teaching body, well connected, both nationally and internationally, to the present cultural life, as well as technological assets.

The Fashion Department within the “Nicolae Grigorescu” Institute of Arts, initially founded in close connection with the clothing industry (in 1971), has transformed in present times into a department. It is responsive to the contemporary cultural phenomenon, including both artistic, scientific and technological directions, being open to all means of expression in the field of fashion, of costume creation and unconventional experiments related to garments. This interdisciplinary direction reached remarkable performances.