The virAGOs

The project „the virAGOs” investigates the way women are being viewed by society and the way they are negatively affected in today’s times by the complex social norms and standards imposed on them throughout history.

To better translate and transpose this issues in the contemporary fashion discourse, the feminist movement ( feminism is a social and political movement that fights for the equality of the sexes ) is studied, the three waves of feminism being the ones analyzed, who’s presence has been greatly noticed even in the fashion industry, offering certain reference points that this collection follows in order to communicate as accurately as possible the gravity and importance of this issue.

The fight against female stereotypes is at the core of this collection, those being analyzed in great detail. The goal with this collection is to add another voice to this important conversation that needs to take place and accelerate the process of female emancipation.

Photo Credits

Photographer: Emil Costruț
Styling coordinator: Diana Flore
Make-up: MAC Cosmetics Romania

Collection Credits

BA Coordinator:
Prof. univ. dr. Anca Pia Rusan


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Art & Design University of Cluj-Napoca
Faculty of Decorative Arts and Design — Fashion Department

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