Winner in the fashionFANatic competition 2018

The Bald Barbie

The Bald Barbie collection is about the need of evolving on a personal level, such as evolving in a small goup or in society in general. The project wants to express the idea of underestimation associated with the Barbie doll. The connection between these two ideas is not random. The Barbie doll has been and still is underestimated by many people around the world.

The concept behind this project expresses the theme of underestimation associated with the iconic image of the Barbie doll,wich can bring back a lot of memories from childhood. I does not matter from what social background we belong or what gender we have, we still have at least one memory about playing with a Barbie doll. Even if we imagined that the doll went shopping or other various activities wich we could think of as a child, it allowed us to free our imaginations. Eventough it is considered a toy for girls, it still touched everyones childhood. The idea of Barbie is very often discussed in our society, especially on social media platforms.

The project is realized as a first step to my personal evolution, with effects and consequences upon myself and my environment. The articles of clothing are made out of shiny and fluffy fabrics that are meant to catch the eye of the viewer.


UVT Arte
Universitatea de Vest din TimișoaraFacultatea de Arte și Design

The Faculty of Arts and Design in Timisoara has 2 departments. The Visual Arts department includes fields like: Painting, Graphics, Sculpture, Photography – computerized processing of image, Conservaiton – Restauration, Art Pedagogy and the earliest specialization History and Theory of Art. The specializations in the second department – The department of Design and Applied Arts are: Design – with three study directions: Product Design, Interior Design and Graphic Design, Textile Design, Fashion and Decorative Arts-Ceramics.

The mission of Faculty of Arts and Design in U.V.T. is to guarantee and develop the best resources and instruments for a good teaching process, specific to education, research and artistic creation at high standards. It is also necessary to assure the national competitiveness and also the one in the European Area of the Superior education and research.

The Bachelor’s Degree helps the students by guiding them to possible carrers and fundamental research in the visual art fields and history of art. The next study level, the Master’s Degree, gives students the opportunity to develop and reevaluate the theories and forms of artistic manifestations in the actual context.