AFMF is a Romanian clothing brand designed for all those who believe in freedom, who enjoy wearing a pair of old sneakers with a vaporous dress, for all those who fashionably want to discover the world.


23 Berthelot, Bucharest, Romania
PR — Bianca Lupșa, +40 766 959 794

La Passeggiata / SS 2018

Somewhere in South of Italy there comes a moment when everyone stops from everyday activities and lead an almost sacred ritual: La Passeggiata — a long relaxing walk, a moment of respite for people who give their time.

Inspired by this Italian tradition, the new AFMF collection captures relaxed lifestyle with natural, comfortable materials and holiday—inspiring pieces.

The protagonist of the collection is denim, but this time, besides the white, blue or black, there is a novelty: the intense pink dyed denim. It is a color that strengthens and animates the laitmotif of the collection, La Passeggiata italiana.