Cătălin Vălean is a Bucharest based fashion designer, creative director and image consultant, who transposes the many shades of his life experiences into his work, therefore developing intelligent designs through a very personal filter.

His childhood flashbacks, his affiliation to the punk and BDSM subculture, but also the feeling of being spiritually misplaced and the constant craving for an alternative lifestyle, are factors that are forced to function together in his concepts, creating discrepancies that might seem odd juxtaposed theoretically, but end up working properly in practice. His creations always tend to have a more naive demeanour, this way managing to balance and give a more unexpected glide to the usually gloomy, yet romantic story-line behind them.

Cătălin's concept revolves around the unintentional involvement of natural elements into public spaces and analyses the ephemeral characteristic of a certain object after having contact with certain forces. Damages become goods and the disclosure of the details around this process becomes the centre of interest as physical forces affect mental, spiritual or social perception. With every moon beam, drop of rain, human touch or temporary presence, energies are being absorbed by the solicited objects, therefore giving them a new life and a higher purpose.